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Ford v Ferrari Movie Review

Ford v Ferrari Movie

Ford v Ferrari Movie Review & Info Ford v Ferrari, one of the biggest Hollywood films of the year, hit cinemas in India today (November 15th) and gave moviegoers something to cheer about. There is a lot of buzz among fans because of the stellar cast and intriguing storyline, and …

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Charlie’s Angels Movie Review: Kristen Stewart

Charlie's Angels Movie

CHARLIE’S ANGELS STORY:  Los Angeles must protect an engineer who is in danger if he discovers a flaw in technology that could be armed.   CHARLIE’S ANGELS REVIEW Charlie’s Angels began as a television show in 1976 with Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson. When it was made into …

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The Informer Movie Review

The Informer Movie

Story: Based on the Roslund / Hellström novel Three Seconds, The Informer follows Joel Kinnaman as Pete Koslow, who becomes an insider on FBI agents to infiltrate the Polish Mafia drug trafficking in New York The deal went wrong. Review: The informant deals with ancient crime tactics like treason, rouge, …

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21 Bridges Movie Review

21 Bridges Movie

Story: 21 Bridges Review: Chadwick Boseman delivers a spectacular performance as New York cop Andre Davis in 21 Bridges. However, his one-dimensional good cop character, interspersed with a clichéd police drama that has nothing new to offer, is a bridge you’d rather close. Review : Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman) is …

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Parasite 2019 Movie Review

Parasite 2019 Movie

Story: Parasite follows the Kim family as they devise a plan to make the park family lose their wealth. The story takes a turn when their symbiotic relationship is threatened by another family. What happens is the result of despair, love, and your completely different situations. Parasite has received many …

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Come Play 2020 Movie Review

Come Play Movie

Come Play follows parents who struggle to save their son (Oliver) when a mysterious creature from the other world uses his electronic devices to break into the real world and take him away. Autistic who has difficulty expressing himself and making friends. The film follows an autistic boy, Oliver (Azhy …

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Soul 2020 Movie Review: Jamie Foxx’s

Soul 2020 Movie Review

Story: Pixars animated musical follows Joe Gardner voiced by Jamie Foxx as a high school music teacher who has been looking for his big hiatus all his life. Shortly before playing alongside jazz legend Dorothea Williams, Joe dies and discovers that his soul is on its way to the Great Beyond. …

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