Jumanji The Next Level 2019 Movie Review

Story: Dwayne Rock Johnson’s Jumanji The Next Level, Jumanji’s sequel: “Welcome to the Jungle”, was released today (December 13, 2019) and attracted countless fans. The manufacturer claims that it is more wild and intense than the version released in 2017, which makes it a high-risk case.

Jumanji The Next Level Movie Review And Rating: This Dwayne Johnson And Nick Jonas Starrer Makes For A Fun Watch


When Spencer re-enters the game world to fulfill his wishes and force his gang to follow suit, the movie revolves around a chaotic situation.


In Jumanji, there is a scenario: the next level attempts to over-recover the strong emotions associated with the prequel. Most of the spins in the first half of the year are predictable and have no shocking value. However, you can interact with your target audience. It works better and works, mainly because of the fierce chemical reaction between Eddie and Milo.

The emotional scene between the two adds depth to the story. Some action scenes are executed well and should arouse the interest of the younger generation. The order to the end was not as good as expected.


Dwayne Johnson is the soul of “Jumanji: The Next Level” and the most exciting person in town. Its comedic rhythm and witty dialogue give the screen action a new dimension. Kevin Hart is also top-notch, proving his worth.

Karen Gillan walked over to bring justice to the battle scene. Nick Jonas doesn’t have much influence, he doesn’t have any influence. Jack Black managed to deliver the goods and at the same time attracted fans with antics. Other actors are also good.

Technical Aspects

The background music is very good, giving fans a feeling of adrenaline surge. Manufacturing costs exceeded expectations, which makes Jumanji The Next Level a real treat. This movie will never be addictive, which talks about decent editing. The same is true for other technical aspects. Handled very well.


Great performance by Dwayne Johnson. Interesting battle scenes. First-class production value. The other half is emotionally connected. Made for Jumanji fans.