Parasite 2019 Movie Review

Story: Parasite follows the Kim family as they devise a plan to make the park family lose their wealth. The story takes a turn when their symbiotic relationship is threatened by another family. What happens is the result of despair, love, and your completely different situations.


Parasite has received many awards and praises from audiences and critics around the world. The film is mentioned not only for the story, but also for the style of directing and the layered script. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, it’s all about the difference. in class and its impact on people’s thoughts. The movie was released in South Korea, blurring the boundaries between different genres. He offers the audience a new experience that could make you happy at first and will soon give you the chills.

They live in a small basement apartment and are looking for free WiFi so they can use their phones. When it comes to making money and making ends meet, the family often takes on every available job and also knows exactly how to look after each other. -woo’s boyfriend, before moving abroad, he offers you a job with a wealthy family instead of teaching English. The Kim family finally sees the possibility of a fixed salary and comes up with a plan. After Ki-woo got a job with Mr. Parks, the entire family soon began taking other family jobs, such as housekeeping, driver, and art therapist.


While you might think this is a story about how one family split up from another and took over their lives, Bong Joon-ho quickly shifts gears into something dark and haunted. In addition to a talented cast and an impressive director, the film works in favor of the script. With a house that has its own secrets, we also discover the secrets of the people who live in the house. Long Joon-hos Movies They tend to end where they start, and in Parasite this works on several levels. The Kim family hoped to earn enough and move out of the basement apartment, but they end up there expecting the same things as before. On the other hand, Mr. Kim is also trapped in another basement, something he thought he could never imagine turning to.

Parasite talks a lot about society, the symbiotic relationship between the two classes of rich and poor, how they see life differently, when they have different goals, no matter how bad their situation is, there is always someone going through worse things. We can also see the drastic difference between the lifestyle and conditions of both classes. Mr. Kim, who envies his boss, eventually realizes that Mr. Park is also trying to support his family. Parasite is a drama that promises to make you think a lot.


At the end of the film, however, he was a little disappointed when Kim Ki-Taek is hiding in the bunker. It’s hard to believe that he’ll have to stay there for a long time. The city where you live in the house that puts you at risk every time you are hungry? The reporter at the end also mentions that no motive for the murder of Geun-saes has been found and that no motive for the murder of Mr. Taek has been found: so if you stay downstairs in the house you are only at a higher risk.

Overall, Parasite will not only take you to the other side of the world and remain relatable, but will also show you the world on the other side. Once you’ve overcome the subtitle barrier, there’s a completely different world out there with incredible cinematic properties. to experiment.