Soul 2020 Movie Review: Jamie Foxx’s

Story: Pixars animated musical follows Joe Gardner voiced by Jamie Foxx as a high school music teacher who has been looking for his big hiatus all his life. Shortly before playing alongside jazz legend Dorothea Williams, Joe dies and discovers that his soul is on its way to the Great Beyond. For her passion for music she has to find her way back to her body with the help of a child’s soul who learns something about herself and finds a reason to be born on earth.

Soul Movie Review

Soul is a perfect animated film for a year like 2020. The film focuses on topics like reasons to live, find your spark, do something you love and enjoy every minute of your life. Joe Gardner, who longs to be a musician. He’s taken on small jobs hoping to find his big break.

One day at school, he learns that he has a real chance of a stable teaching career after being offered a full-time job. He has the opportunity to play alongside jazz legend Dorothea Williams. However, his joyful way home to report the news to his mother ends with him sticking to his life in the hospital.

Joe wakes up on the escalator that takes him to the Great Beyond, but runs away after realizing he’s not ready to give up his passion and life. Joe finds his way to the Big Before and meets a young soul named 22 who has refused to make his journey to Earth for centuries. While one desperately wants to go to earth, the other does not, so they come to an agreement.

Joe agrees to help 22 find his spark and complete his badge that can bring him to earth. After breaking some rules, they both find their way to earth, but in the wrong bodies. 22 In Joe’s body, he manages to live the life he promised. Joe, on the other hand, manages to discover his dream, but realizes that there is still something that he has lived for all along. Soul really is everything a Pixar movie has to offer.

The adult audience as a midlife crisis, unfulfilled dreams, answers to hypothetical questions, complex family relationships and the existential issue of life and death. Joe tells his mom that he’s scared of leaving the world without accumulating anything. This scene puts the entire film into perspective, despite the great before and the great afterlife.

The way we spend every moment of our present shapes our lives. Directed by Pixar veteran Pete Docter (Up and Inside Out), Soul is another great adult animated film that can be enjoyed by teenage viewers as well.

Soul Movie Review

The music is one of the most important parts of the story. The wonderful score by Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross with jazz compositions by Jon Batiste brings out the emotions in every scene. Jaime Foxx like Joe and Tina Fey 22 it’s a pleasure to hear and see them fight and get closer. Overall, Soul comes highly recommended for those gloomy days when you need a boost. The film is also a great option for the holiday season with our loved ones to accompany you.