Spies In Disguise 2019 Movie Review

Story:  The disguised spy is the story of the scientist Walter Beckett, who wants to change the way the world fights. His invention was ignored and described as strange, but in order to prove his point, he plans to work with the Army’s best agent Lance Sterling to change himself. system.


The film was inspired by the animated short “Dove: Impossible” and was filmed with Tom Holland and Will Smith to make the world a better place from the perspective of a six-year old. He promised his mother that he would save the world with his strange device. Tom Holland’s Walter Beckett (Walter Beckett) is a scientist who learned how to make safety devices when he was six years old. As he grows older, he knows that there is a better way to fight and defend. Through explosions and violence. Although Walters’ equipment is employed by the main spy agency, they are still considered rare, and according to the agency, he has a plan. Convince your main agent.


Lance Sterling is the best agent of all time. He is smart, planned, and charismatic. He will fly a helicopter and always do this job, but he will never work with his partner. However, in this case, the situation will soon change. Be marked as a criminal, all the force is behind, the culprit will kill the people. Directed by Troy Kuen and Nick Bruno, this film brings a new story to espionage. The concept of the safe is new to children, and it is also very interesting for adults watching together. The design of these characters is similar to their voice actors, which adds to the appeal of the movie. Tom sounds almost like his Spider-Man, and Will is his calm, confident agent with no negative answers.


The script and dialogue in the movie are aimed at young audiences and are very simple and clear, but adults will definitely like the equipment and images used in the movie. After the first 15 minutes of the movie, if the relationship between the protagonists Will and Holland becomes serious, they will quickly attract you. His jokes are crazy and funny. There are some silly jokes in the movie, but they also add madness and charm to it.


Most of the protagonists and the two protagonists (such as Willian’s robotic arm) are underdeveloped in this movie, but this does not harm the movie or its information. One of the things I like and hate this movie the most is the East Asian culture. At first, Walter was obsessed with K drama. This fact sounds interesting, but the voice actors have an American accent, and almost everything is portrayed as sarcasm.


Overall, this is a unique replica. The kids take the idea of ​​the movie seriously and the idea of ​​fixing it when they grow up is refreshing. This movie is for everyone, but so crazy that they can all work together.