Tenet (2020) Movie Review

Tenet Movie Review & Info


Release Date : August 26, 2020

CAST: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Dimple Kapadia, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh
DIRECTION: Christopher Nolan
GENRE: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
DURATION: 2 hours 30 minutes

STORY:  A time motion protagonist rises to the occasion and risks his own life to prevent the inevitable catastrophe that would be larger than war III and nuclear holocaust. can he build it ‘back in time’ to avoid wasting the world?

REVIEW:  The end of the world is approaching, time is running out, and vice versa. To a large extent, the mysterious masterpiece created by screenwriter/director Christopher Nolan is full of events that seem very surreal in our predicament. “When the crowded Kyiv National Opera overtook and was about to explode, the accident started. This is a harbinger of a series of events. Even though the movie is very simple, it adds action and excitement-it’s about saving the world from Russian arms dealer Andrei (Kenneth Branagh) who could have entered and exited on time. The idea is to beat him in his own game, but Tenet’s achievement is a high concept, fantasy and incredible fantasy. Christopher Nolan combines action, adventure and intrigue and manages to make the most of many of these opportunities .Our hero John David Washington (called only the protagonist) explained the concept of “time reversal” and embarked on a top-secret mission to save a world like Mumbai, he and his UK Peer Neil (Robert Pattinson) together. He broke into the house of a wealthy arms dealer looking for information, and his wife, Dimple Kapadia, provided him with mysterious clues that could not be trusted forever. Kate (Elizabeth Debicki) is his ex-wife, and he is fully aware of the full potential of the difficult and demonic situation. The movie’s script continues to highlight and explain the complex technical storylines that may turn back time. Fortunately, he did this with stunning photography (Hoyte Van Hoytema) and natural and beautiful action scenes. The idea of ​​going back in time when everything moves backward creates a visually appealing i. The original background score (Ludwig Göransson) is so unique and exciting that it creates the necessary clarity and tension. They all have very close lineups, including Dimple Kapadia, which makes her mysterious character as an influential Indian woman get a certain amount of attention. She would rather have a drink for her murdered husband and calm him down than panic because of the sudden invasion.His role is not only important, but also very exciting when dealing with the protagonist. Robert Pattinson is glamorous, but the role is still insignificant and never hides the protagonist, while John David Washington played the protagonist very effectively. The meaningless dialogue shocked Elizabeth Debicki by honestly playing the role of the battered woman whose chauvinist husband demanded a ransom, but it was more convincing. Kenneth Branagh’s character Andrei (Andrei) is a cartoon of the Russian mafia with a typical accent. Like most Nolan movies, this movie requires the audience’s full attention, but there is no guarantee that you will fully understand the nuances of the movie. The large screen cleverly portrays Nolan’s vivid imagination. The secret of “Tenet” is that the scientist who explained the invention said to the protagonist: “Don’t try to understand it, to feel it.