The Grudge 2020 Movie Review

Story:  Almost everything in this movie can be forgotten because there are no details to remember, but the restart is comforting because it is now in the Victorian era and then represents the modern city Eddie Murphy, And to provide you with more options for exploration. Take a look, sprinkle a grain of salt, and remember that Iron Man is dead.


It has been going on since 2004 (“The Grudge 2020”) and was renamed Takashi Shimizus. Now we are moving from Tokyo to the United States. Once you enter the house, the curse is ready to follow you until you die and then disappear. When Fiona Landers returned from the cursed house in Tokyo to the Cross River in Pennsylvania, the ghost held her tightly. Director Nicholas follows Takashi’s style and proposes a non-linear story that arouses curiosity.

Although this is the first encounter with the curse of the detective Muldoons played by Andrea Riseborough, the detective Goodman (played by Demian Bichir) is our second protagonist. You have been able to stay away from the curse for a long time. hour.




When detective Mardoon arrived at the scene, several families were cursed. The resentment started in the crime drama and continued throughout most of the film, as Muldoon tried to figure out what happened to the family who died inside and outside the house. Until all the stories have been told, there will be different stories and narratives. It was difficult to understand the timetable at first, but as we encountered another victim who managed to stay, the timetable gradually became clearer.

“Attack” uses a classic sound and follows the development trend of previous movies in the series. The soundtrack of the movie is very interesting, and it also increases the sense of watching the movie. Some of our limbs are mutilated and severed, so that it is not pleasant to see them. This is not for timidity, but it is not. It was scary enough to make a strong man dizzy. The script and script are the same as the original movie and follow the same spirit. And the theme, but it will bring a better voice and a sense of cringe.


The actors made this movie without a doubt. The cast is huge and there are not many actors in sight, but they all followed and presented a true horror story. Unlike Annabelle in the magic series, he also did not direct this movie…it is a bit of a comedy, whether it is dialogue, situation, music or strange rendering scenes.

This is new and unexpected (because there are no teenagers in the movie), but it does not reflect the essence of horror films or movies. The ending of every resentment movie is the same, which is not disappointing. The host can get rid of it only when you think it is like other horror movies. The curse haunts you until the end!


All in all, “Resentment” is a memory of a classic work that brings together the best works of the series. It’s worth seeing, but this weekend is not right away.