The Informer Movie Review

Story: Based on the Roslund / Hellström novel Three Seconds, The Informer follows Joel Kinnaman as Pete Koslow, who becomes an insider on FBI agents to infiltrate the Polish Mafia drug trafficking in New York The deal went wrong.


Review: The informant deals with ancient crime tactics like treason, rouge, manipulative help, and a deal that went wrong by changing his plan. Even though all the main points of the story are the same, we still get a decent crime. Thriller with a dramatic look. Pete Koslow, played by Joel Kinnaman, is a retired soldier and special operations convict who works as an informant for the FBI. His handler Wilcox, played by Rosamund Pike, wants to infiltrate the drug trafficking of Polish mobs in New York. But the informant leaves the office as soon as things look bad for them.

The makers knew from the start what to expect from the film, and they stick with it. Pete has a family to protect and Wilcox wants to keep his promise to Pete. Even with little information about the characters we have. enough to cheer her up. The film has a satisfactory ending, the bad are caught, the good come together, and everyone is saved. Even if Pete still isn’t in the family, he’s safe and the people who matter know the truth.


Joel, Rosamund and Ana de Armas take on the heavy roles in the film, while Common and Clive Owen seem lost in the small roles. The script is full of drama with no intense action or car chases that were refreshing to watch. She’s been Pete’s manager for years, and her focus on him made the most sense in the movie. Without getting out of character, we still see the chemistry between the two.

It takes a while for the action to begin. Even with the slow start, the urgency rises and holds you in hopes that Pete will get out of the trap safely. But things get a little implausible towards the end. I would hope that a specialist can find a way out without falling into everyone’s trap.


Overall, The Informer is a fun thriller that has potential for more. With the foundation now in place, the creators can look at them with a serial way. Filled with clichés of the genre, this is still an interesting watch.