The Nun 2018 Movie Review

The Nun 2018 Movie Review & Info

Release Date September 4, 2018

CAST: Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloque
DIRECTION: Corin Hardy
GENRE: Mystery, Thriller, Horror
DURATION: 1 hours 36 minutes



The Nun Story: This is the sequel to the “Magician” series, followingthe Vaticansending a Catholic priest and aspiring nun to investigate a mysterious suicide in Romania in 1952.


Summary: The prequel of this “Magic Journey” took place in Romania in 1952. It shows a Catholic priest, Demian Bichir, who has been hired by the Vatican to investigate the mysterious suicide of a nun in the Karda Monastery. K. (Theissa Farmiga) accompanied his search, and the beautiful robber “Frenchy” (Jonas Bloke), who flirted with Irene first, then almost became the image of Indiana Jones, joking, opening the dungeon and demons, and Get the same easy killing.


The latest trend in Hollywood is to create movie worlds and then use their popularity until the kingdom comes. The spell became Annabel, and now we also have this prequel. Marvel or DC can still add members to their superhero team. Even conduct comprehensive reviews and attract viewers in new ways every time. The problem with copying the same formula in the horror world is that when it comes to scaring people, you can only use a certain number of techniques. Another classic horror law is that less is more. You created an atmosphere, constantly showed us the evil views that plagued the protagonist, and then brought us great enlightenment. But director Corinne Hardy (Corinne Hardy) will never sign. He inserted all the images from the horror movie into the movie. Therefore, you have a floating nun who will appear every ten minutes to scare you. There are inverted crosses, creepy creatures coming out of the cave, the undead. The tortured nun appeared and prayed fervently. The exorcist committed the crime of failed exorcism, the vision of keeping people safe, and the bat-like creatures from hell since they came to Romania, did a short episode.After a while, you stop counting.


Another reason the curse works is because it was designed in the real world. You are scared because you see strange things happen to ordinary people. Here you will be put off by the pseudo-Gothic setting. Not that the Gothic setting is a bad idea. It has its own charm, but you must milk it properly. However, director Hardy lacked patience and did nothing.


If she had ever played in the “Star Wars” series, Taissa Farmiga (Taissa Farmiga) would be the lovely Princess Leia. The big-eyed beauty is the best in the movie, showing weakness and strength, but even her heroic efforts are not enough to save her. The nun is like a Ramsay Brothers movie with the highest production value. Even Ramsey never talked nonsense in the name of terror. After the first few jumps, you will lose interest and just hope that this nonsense will end as soon as possible. …